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Vinyl Decal Installation

1. Clean the area:

  • Do not simply spray the cleaner onto the car. Apply cleaner (rubbing alcohol) to a rag and wipe where the decal will stick to the car. Some cleaners like Windex or spray on cleaner-waxes leave a residue intended to help maintain shine. This residue will prevent the decal from sticking properly to the vehicle.

2. Allow the cleaned area to dry completely.

  • Decals won’t stick as well to a wet surface, so either dry the area you cleaned with a towel or allow it to air dry completely before moving on.

3. Peel off the beginning of the backing. 

  • Decals that are only a few inches long can have the backing completely removed.
  • Only peel off a bit of the backing at a time for larger decals such as ones that will stretch the length of the vehicle.

4. Unpeel the backing as you go & use a credit card to press out any bubbles.

  • Be careful not to press a sharp edge into the decal or it may tear it.
  • Small bubbles will disappear on their own over the first few days.

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